Daniel Plenge

Biography and/or project

When I once thought that philosophy/theory of history is relevant in conducting historical research and planned to do so, whereas historians told me this would be either wrong or absurd, I started researching and finally wrote a 700-plus pages treatise on the issues (Geschichtswissenschaften, Sozialontologie und Sozialtheorie. Eine philosophische Klärungsskizze, J. B. Metzler 2019) which happens to be the first book originally written in German which engages with real world historical research. It was influenced by the German translation of Chris Lorenz' epochal and monumental “De constructie van het verleden”, the first and last one one in that genre and language.

Internationally it is the very first systematic approach in analytical, empirical and systemic philosophy of history on the market that also engages with "social theory". It also features some "historical theory" practiced by working historians. Here it steps into the big footprints of the epochal and monumental work by Christopher Lloyd.

The title tells you that it is a “sketch”. Accordingly I am currently working on the full blown history painting in 9 volumes.