International Network for Theory of History

Numerous scholars around the world are working on the theory and philosophy of history: the ever growing number of new publications and journals devoted to this subject attest to the intellectual blossoming of the field. However the field of historical theory remains fragmented and most of its researchers often work at the periphery of long-established academic disciplines and frequently in relative isolation. Because of this, it is difficult to keep track of theorists of history, conferences, calls for papers, etc. The aim of this network is to facilitate this by offering a directory of theorists of history, an online community-based bibliography of theory of history, as well as a forum for announcing events. With this in mind, the International Network for Theory of History was established in 2012. Its aim is to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas among theorists of history.

INTH is non-exclusive (free membership), non-thematic and community-based. Anyone who identifies herself as a theorist of history is invited to join, benefit from the network’s resources and contribute. Please feel free to contact us for your questions and/or send us any kind of information on new (or missing) publications, events and researchers.

How can I join?

There are several ways in which you can join our network.

  • First and foremost, you can create a researcher profile. By creating a researcher profile, you identify yourself as somebody who is interested in the field of theory and philosophy of history. Also, you can connect to fellow researchers and find collegues working on the same subjects as you are. Furthermore, a researcher profile opens up different new features of this website, such as access to exchanged papers and our 'scanning projects'.
  • Secondly, you can sign up for our newsletter. It's a monthly newsletter, so we will promise not to pollute your mailbox.
  • You can also contribute to our bibliography in several ways. Check out all the ways you can help, or contact us.
  • INTH organizes a biannial networking conference and several other lectures and events.
  • On a regular basis, we receive publications for reviewing. We place calls for reviews in our newsletter and on our website.
  • We are always looking for possibilities to make our network more interactive. If you want to present your research, circulate papers, of have other ideas for collaborations, please contact us.

Advisory Board