Arthur Alfaix Assis

Biography and/or project

I am a historian with a propensity to philosophical issues, and my research and writing usually switch back and forth between historical theory and history of historical thought. I work as assistant professor at the University of Brasília, and have been supervising research projects on a wide array of topics of philosophy of history and history of ideas.

My most important work is a book on J.G. Droysen and the problem of the justification of historiography (Berghahn Books, 2014, 2016), which is an improved version of the PhD thesis I defended in 2009 at the University of Witten. In the last few years I have dedicated most of my research time to the issue of historical objectivity, an issue that I am attempting to approach from ethical and historical angles (rather than epistemological or methodological ones).

Many of my published papers (and also of my course’s syllabi) are available at my profile at