Anna Krylova

Biography and/or project

Anna Krylova is Associate Professor of Modern Russian History at Duke University. She works on twentieth-century Russia and the challenges posed in envisioning and building a socialist alternative in the age of industrial and post-industrial modernity and globalization. Questions of historical theory and gender theory inform her work on contemporary historiography. She is currently working on two book projects. One project, provisionally titled Imagining Socialism in the Soviet Century, aims to make possible a new cultural history of Soviet Russia by historicizing the ways in which normative conceptions of socialist society, sociality and individuality evolved in Russia from the Revolution of 1905 to Gorbachev’s half-decade of perestroika. She is also preparing a historiographical manuscript, The Practice of History in the Twenty-First Century, featuring essays accessing of what has happened to the practice of history and its core categories such as agency, culture, and the social after the theoretical and epistemological turmoil of the 1980s-1990s.