Rochelle Forrester

Biography and/or project

My main interest is in philosophy of history and in understanding the course of social and cultural history. My book How Change Happens: A Theory of Philosophy of History, Social Change and Cultural Evolution puts the study of social and cultural history and social change and cultural evolution on a scientific basis capable of rational analysis and understanding. It shows how social and cultural change happens and explains the sequence of events in social and cultural history. The book shows how social and cultural history followed a necessary path that can be analysed and rationally understood and explained. Most books on history just give a narrative describing how one thing followed another. How Change Happens describes why one thing followed another. This involves going into areas where historians do not usually go, for example areas of science such as the chemical structure of rocks and the melting smelting points of metals and ores. How Change Happens investigates the effects the laws of physics, chemistry and biology, the genetics of living matter and the properties of particles, elements and compounds and mixtures making up the material of the universe has on human social and cultural history.