Patrick Finney

Biography and/or project

Patrick Finney’s core current research interests relate to the collective memory of the Second World War. His monograph Remembering the Road to World War Two is a large scale comparative survey of the historiography of the origins of that conflict, exploring the inter-connections between historical writing and wider discourses of national identity and collective memory. His current project How the Second World War Still Shapes our Lives is a panoramic survey of transnational trends in the memory of that conflict since the end of the Cold War. He is involved in several international collaborative networks seeking to develop global and comparative approaches to the collective memory of the war. Otherwise, he has written extensively on the cultural turn in international history – exploring, for example, the relevance of the work of Hayden White – and on issues of theory and method in history more widely; he is also an editoria l board member of Rethinking History. He also maintains an active research interest in international politics in South Eastern Europe.