Luke Bohanon

Biography and/or project

I am deeply interested in how the public understands the past and, while my main interest is memory, I am also fascinated by questions of image, identity, and perception, all of which have been recurring themes throughout my academic career. My current research focuses on how visual representations (photography, film, and artwork) have formed a specific collective memory—or collective narrative, if you prefer—in the American and German public regarding the perpetrators of the Holocaust. Personal experience has shaped many of my other interests in history including: the significance of backyard mechanics to American culture; the evolution of rock climbing as a sport; and the decline of the American educational system. Lately I have been particularly fascinated by the effects of sensory stimuli on personal and collective memory. I earned my BA in English and my MA in history through the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I am looking forward to starting my PhD in 2013; in the meantime, I am working at the Starsmore Center for Local History (the archives and special collections branch of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum) and serving as a board member for The Giving Child Organization (a non-profit dedicated to teaching children the joy of giving to others). If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please feel free to contact me at the email address listed below.