New blog: “Theory of History at Work”

Being at work. As researchers we aim constantly to refine our craft, work hard, individually and together in order to tackle the challenges and delights of our disciplines. What however happens when the theory of history goes to work?

In September 2021 the blog “Theory of History at Work” launched on the hosting platform Hypotheses with the endeavour to stimulate and shape discussions surrounding the theory of history through multimedia content. Since then, articles are weekly published and initiate fruitful debates on the blog itself and on Twitter. They are testimony to the topicality, controversy, and excitement academic exchange on the theory of history has to offer. The blog thereby theorizes and reflects on history as a research subject and epistemological practice. The guiding questions as to the definitory and ontological character of history and its scholarly scope interchange with ever new theoretical concepts and methodological approaches. Theory of history as fundamental pillar of scientific research must therefore be reflected upon in like manner to stay up to date to the current orientational and critical processes. Thus far the blog featured prominent articles from Ethan Kleinberg (Reflections on Theory of History Polyphonic), Lisa Regazzoni (Theorizing History or How to Rethink Theory of History through Questions), Bärbel Völkel (Historical Theory(ies) and Critical Whiteness Studies) and many more. We look forward to keep partaking in this insightful forum and send a warm invitation to all who want to join our and theory of history’s work!

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Posted: 08-02-2022 | Updated: 14-10-2022