‘Een schuld zonder schuldigen?’ Morele en politieke oordelen in het Srebrenica- rapport // [Between shame and guilt: Morals and politics in the NIOD-report (Srebrenica)]

This essay deals, mainly, with a moral problem. The problem is that on the one hand no objective and dispassionate observer can fail to feel deeply uncomfortable about the role of Dutch politicians and militaries in the Srebrenica-drama. On the other hand, the paradox is that it is far from easy to single out individual agents to whom one can ascribe a moral responsibility for the drama having been possible. There is, thus, a perplexing discrepancy between moral guilt on, the one hand, and what individual agents can reasonably be said to be morally guilty of, on the other. This essay is an attempt to deal with this moral paradox. And, when trying to do so, it emphasizes the significance of the role of collective actors (in this case the Dutch army).