A companion to Western historical thought

Surveys the evolution of historical thought in the Western World from biblical times to the present day.

Table of Contents

Introduction : The cultural history of historical thought / Lloyd Kramer and Sarah Maza --
Historiography in ancient Israel / John Van Seters --
Historical thought in ancient Greece / Philip A. Stadter --
Historical thought in ancient Rome / J.E. Lendon --
Historical thought in medieval Europe / Gabrielle M. Spiegel --
Historical thought in the Renaissance / Paula Findlen --
Historical thought in the era of the Enlightenment / Johnson Kent Wright --
German historical thought in the age of Herder, Kant, and Hegel / Harold Mah --
German historical writing from Ranke to Weber : the primacy of politics / Harry Liebersohn --
National history in the age of Michelet, Macaulay, and Bancroft / Thomas N. Baker --
Marxism and historical thought / Walter L. Adamson --
The professionalization of historical studies and the guiding assumptions of modern historical thought / Georg G. Iggers --
The history of armed power / Peter Paret --
Total history and microhistory : the French and Italian paradigms / David A. Bell --
Anthropology and the history of culture / William M. Reddy --
The history of science, or, an oxymoronic theory of relativistic objectivity / Ken Alder --
Language, literary studies, and historical thought / Susan A. Crane --
Psychology, psychoanalysis, and historical thought / Lynn Hunt --
Redefining historical identities : sexuality, gender, and the self / Carolyn J. Dean --
Historicizing natural environments : the deep roots of environmental history / Andrew C. Isenberg --
The new world history / Jerry H. Bentley --
Postcolonial history / Prasenjit Duara --
The multicultural history of nations / Donna R. Gabaccia --
New technologies and historical knowledge / James M. Murray --
The visual media and historical knowledge / Robert A. Rosenstone.