Herder’s Philosophy and His Contribution to the Idea of History

The knowledge and study of history is significant in predicting and guiding the future course of humanity. Philosophers of eighteenth century Germany contributed greatly to the philosophy of history. Some of the philosophers such as Gottfried Leibniz, Immanuel Kant, Georg Wilhelm Hegel and Martin Heidegger are well recognized and researched. However there are others like Johann Gottfried Von Herder, whose works have remained obscure for long time. This paper discusses Johann Gottfried Von Herder life, his contribution to idea of history with emphasis on subjectivity and his works which include the concept of ‘Volksgeist’and ‘Bildung’. The paper also enumerates the impact of society on his works. Due to Herder’s immense work including posthumous work, his concepts are being analyzed, studied and considered relevant to the present times.