Narrativas históricas em disputa: um estudo de caso no YouTube // [Historical narratives in dispute: a case study in YouTube]

This article intends to deal with the different narratives that involve the discipline of history in the YouTube platform. A series of videos was analyzed, and from a quantitative and qualitative analysis of these materials, it was possible to infer, on the one hand, an inexpressiveness of the productions made by public or university institutions and, on the other hand, a large number of videos that bring a revisionist view of academic history. It was concluded from these investigations about the need for a greater action by academia and professional historians at these places of production and discussion of narratives, which could respond to an identified educational demand that occurs both within the physical space and formal of the classroom as well outside, in some online spaces where, in order to constitute and show themselves in opposition to the formal school, they offer themselves as alternatives in these disputes of the narratives of history.