Historiography: Critical Readings

"Q. Edward Wang's unparalleled four-volume survey of historiography examines the nature and significance of history writing from ancient worlds to the present day. Taking a global approach, it presents and contextualizes classic works that portray the traditions of historical writing around the world. The collection also incorporates key essays and articles from the 18th century to the present that analyze the continuities and transformations that have existed and taken place within those traditions. Edited by a world-renowned, leading scholar in the field, the four volumes cover the ancient and medieval eras, the Renaissance period through to the 18th century, the rise of the Rankean school and 'scientific history' in the West, and new developments in worldwide historiography from the 1990s to the present day. As well as substantial contextualizing editor introductions for each volume, there are 60 individual essays and extracts included across the set, with notions of time, antiquarianism, the Annales School and postcolonialism all key topics at the heart of this vital collection. This is an essential resource for all scholars interested in historiography and the development of history as a discipline"--