Os sons do silêncio: interpelações feministas decoloniais à História da historiografia // [The sounds of silence: decolonial feminist inquiries to history of historiography]

The article aims to reflect upon the invisibility of the productions of female authorship in intellectual history, based on some of the challenges posed by the decolonial feminist perspective. As a starting point, I approach the paradigmatic separation evidenced by the various forms of silence about the intellectual contributions of women, due to persistence research model with a predominant focus on the study of the canonical repertoire of works by male, white and European authorship. The argument to be explored is that female intellectual production has not been configured as a privileged and frequent theme of intellectual history, remaining largely as the silent, marginal and peripheral 'other' in the historiographic canons and the disciplinary memory. Finally, I point to the effectiveness of the gender category as a critical conceptual apparatus of the epistemic foundations of the discipline and the History writing, such as the "irrelevance" of markers of the sex, race and social class in the subject of the historiographical operation, claimed to serve the supposedly neutral, objective and universal criteria of rationality.