The INTH bibliography


Keyword system

The bibliography includes a system of keywords: every entry has been labelled with one or more keywords that help to identify the main themes discussed in that work. This enables scholars to search the bibliography by theme or area of interest. For example, someone interested in “narrativism” can easily see a list of all the works in the bibliography that deal with that topic.

The process of adding keywords is a difficult and laborious task. First, the field of theory and philosophy of history is not easily grasped in a limited set of concepts. The keywords we have proposed are not comprehensive by any means, but we do believe that they reflect some of the most popular debates and areas of interest within this field of study. In order to offer a tool that is useful for both newcomers to the field and experts, a balance had to be struck between generalizations and specialist jargon. The selection of keywords reflects this ambition. Second, since we were clearly unable to read all the works in the bibliography (there are +18,000) we were at times obliged to ascribe keywords based on titles and abstracts.