Giorgia Proietti

Biography and/or project

I am Assistant Professor in Greek History at the Department of Humanities of the University of Trento, and
Coordinator of the Interdepartmental Lab Memory and Society at the same University. I have studied in Athens and London, obtained my PhD in Trento (2014), and held postdoctoral fellowships in Edinburgh and Genève.
My research interests mainly focus on ancient Greek history, on the one hand, and comparative history, on
the other. Concerning ancient history, I am particularly interested in 5th century Athenian history, especially
in war and war related phenomena, and their different means of representation and memorialization
(historiography, inscriptions, monuments, space, rituals, and public discourse). Regarding comparative
history, I am especially interested in the commemoration of war, war trauma, and collective emotions on post
war time in a comparative perspective between antiquity and today. In both fields of research my theoretical
and methodological background is deeply affected by a socio-anthropological approach, as well as memory
studies and identity studies.