Research Tools


The INTH Bibliography is a digital tool for those interested in the field of Theory and Philosophy of History. Broadly understood, this field studies the ways we deal with the past. This can include reflections on the writing of history, substantive philosophies of history, and popular engagements with the past. The bibliography is composed of works that deal with these and other topics.


On a regular basis we receive requests for reviewing published books. After receiving the publication, we place such requests on our website and in our newsletter. The researchers in our network are always very willing to review publications. The reviews will be published in our website. If you want to sent us a publication for review, please contact us.


There are quite a few interesting academic centres and networks, journals, websites and other sources of inspiration on the topic of theory of history. Here we have listed quite a few. If you have additions to this list, please do not hesitate to contact us