Rosinka Chaudhuri

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta
Biography and/or project

Rosinka Chaudhuri is Professor in Cultural Studies at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. She has been visiting fellow at the Southern Asian Institute, Columbia University, and Charles Wallace Fellow at Cambridge University.

She has published: Gentlemen Poets in Colonial Bengal: Emergent Nationalism and the Orientalist Project (Seagull: 2002), Freedom and Beef-Steaks: Colonial Calcutta Culture (Orient Blackswan: 2012) and The Literary Thing: History, Poetry and the Making of a Modern Literary Culture (Oxford University Press: 2013, Peter Lang: 2014), and has edited: Derozio, Poet of India: A Definitive Edition (Oxford University Press, 2008) and with Elleke Boehmer The Indian Postcolonial (Routledge UK, 2010).

Her articles have appeared in Social Text, Journal of Asian Studies, Interventions, Studies in History, Indian Economic and Social History Review, Modern Asian Studies, Seminar, and Economic and Political Weekly; she reviews for The Book Review and the Times Literary Supplement.

She has translated, for the first time, the complete text of the letters Rabindranath Tagore wrote to his niece Indira Debi and known to Bengali readers as the Chhinnapatrabali, calling it Letters from a Young Poet (1887-94). This will be published as a Penguin Modern Classic in March 2014.