Moira Pérez

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Universidad de Buenos Aires / Universidad Nac de Lomas de Zamora / CONICET
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I got my bachelor’s degree in philosophy (with a dissertation on the political implications of Arthur Danto’s idea of pluralism) and am currently finishing my PhD at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. My PhD research field is at the cossroads between philosophy of history and queer theory, and focuses on historiographical representations as a means to empower communities or individuals, in both their historical and their political agency. In my thesis, I seek to understand the contributions that a queer frame ca

n offer for the elaboration of representations of the past which follow such an aim. I am interested in looking into concrete examples of such representations, as is the case with documentary films, fiction both in film and in narrative, visual arts, etc. As a teacher, I provide introductory workshops on queer theory, and practical-theorical workshops on queer thought and visual arts production, in the city of Buenos Aires. I also hold a position in the National University of Lomas de Zamora, where I teach philosophy to undergraduate candidates for the Federal Penitentiary Service. This has made me develop a growing interest in the philosophical underpinnings of the penitentiary/disciplinary system, which will probably result in a future line of research.