Majid Hajibabaee

Biography and/or project

Majid Hajibabaee born at1973 in Hamadan a historical city. He finished high school at 1991 and then arrived to Tehran university in history department. He received a bachelor’s degree at 1974 and then in national MA Entrance Examination, accepted with top ranking (3) across the country. He accepted in PhD course with with top ranking no 1 and then defended from his thesis with title: Iranian role in intellectual and political streams at early centuries(2006). Majid is Assistant professor in History Department of Arak University from 2006 until now. He teach social history, Political Thought in Iran and Islam, Historical sociology, Power structure in Iran and a few field on history of Iran. Majid was an activist in student movment. He was a board member of “Daftar e tahkim vahdat” largest student union in Iran. But now is not recognized by the government. He wrote over hundred articles in journals of Iran and has lectured at over thirty universities. He had a lecture in Turkey in english( Karabuk university2012).