Lars Deile

Biography and/or project

Born in Weimar in 1975, Germany, I studied History, English, Cultural History and German as a Foreign Language at the Universities of Jena and at Trinity College, Dublin.
My PhD-thesis figured out the impact of Georg Steinhausen on the development of Cultural History as a discipline around 1900. At the same time I worked on the experience of time in festivity culture around 1800. For some years I was teaching history and English for schoolchildren before I turned my head on history didactics and questions of historical learning and historical thinking.
Since 2016 I am Assistant Professor for Didactics and Theory of History at the University of Bielefeld. I try to design settings for historical learning by focusing on the moment of experience in the process of historical thinking. What happens when we understand something as historical and what does this mean for the shape of learning situations.
Any comment, question and exchange is hearty welcomed.