João Luís Lisboa

Biography and/or project

Full Professor, FCSH UNL (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Researcher at the Centro de História da Cultura (CHC) (till 2014) and currently a board member of the Centre for Global History (CHAM); Teaches Philosophy of History, among other subjects.
PhD in History and Civilization, European University Institute, Florence, (Mots (dits) écrits. Formes et valeurs de la diffusion des idées au 18ème siècle au Portugal.
In 2001-2002, Director of the Portuguese Institute for the Book and Libraries.
Recent projects: “Scribal news: information and society (1729-1754)” (main researcher, 2006-2010); “Iconography of the Printed book in Portugal (15th-18th cent.)” (2008-2011); And, with the Unicamp (Brazil) and the Université de Versailles (UVSQ), the project “La circulation transatlantique des imprimés et la mondialisation de la culture au XIXe siècle” (2010-2015). Since 1982/83, he was a teacher at secondary schools in Lisbon and at a High Education School in Beja. Since 1986/87 he taught mainly disciplines on Modern Cultural History, History of the Book and Reading, and Problematic of History and Theory of Ideas, in Lisbon, Beja, Campinas (Brazil) and Vercelli (Italy).