Geneviève Warland

Biography and/or project

Warland, Geneviève, masters in history and in philosophy (Université catholique de Louvain, UCL) and in French as Foreign Language (Université Stendhal Grenoble III). Her PhD (Université Saint-Louis, Brussels, 2011) dealt with the public role of history and the conceptions of nation and Europe as interpreted by the contemporary philosophers J.-M. Ferry and J. Rüsen, on the one side, and by the historians P. J. Blok, Karl Lamprecht, Ernest Lavisse and Henri Pirenne on the other. A monograph on this last historiographical part will be published by P.I.E. Lang: “Le rôle public de l’histoire. Nation et Europe chez Blok, Lamprecht, Lavisse et Pirenne” (2015). She is currently guest lecturer at the UCL and at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main. She also works at the UCL as research assistant in the project “Recognition and resentment: experiences and memories of the Great War in Belgium“, coordinated by Laurence van Ypersele.
Her main research focus is on history of historiography, history of memory and theory of history in a transnational perspective (19th-20th centuries). Three main fields are now at stake: War’s diary of Belgian historians (Henri Pirenne and Paul Fredericq); the centenary commemorations of the First World War in Belgium and Germany; the German Jewish historian Martin Philippson as a cultural mediator between Belgium, France and Germany.