Adrian Jones

Biography and/or project

Dr Adrian Jones OAM teaches Russian, Ottoman and European history at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. A foundation Director of the [Australian] National Centre for History Education (NCHE) (2000-03) and a former Chair of the History Council of Victoria (2003-08), Adrian graduated from the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Harvard University. He was awarded a national (ALTC) award in 2008, and an Order of Australia Medal in 2009 for his teaching and professional activities. Apart from a scholarly monograph, Late-Imperial Russia: An Interpretation (1997) and a local history, Follow the Gleam (2000), which won the Information Victoria prize for the best print publication on history in 2001, Adrian has published on educational theory, comparative revolutions, and French, Russian and Turkish social and intellectual history. Adrian is especially int erested in the interface between historiography and continental European philosophy. His publications are in this network’s database. Adrian has also published extensively on history pedagogies and he is now writing a cultural history of a Russian-Ottoman encounter in the era of Peter the Great and Ahmed III: the Battle of the Prut, 1711.