Opening: New theory of history research network in the Netherlands

Huizinga Institute

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Research Network: Theory of History

The Huizinga Institute facilitates the exchange of knowledge and research within the discipline by supporting and encouraging its research networks. Each research network organizes several academic meetings each year. Research networks are ‘vertical’ groups, consisting of senior members, PhD candidates and RMA students with shared research interests in all phases of their studies.

A Research Network (RNW) dedicated to the Theory of History did not yet exist. This RNW intends to stimulate the interest and knowledge on the theory of history, including historiography. It particularly seeks to provide a platform for intellectual exchange for senior scholars and lecturers, and a context in which  (Re-)MA and PhD students can familiarize themselves with exciting new developments in the fields.


Goals of our Research Network

  • to strengthen the field of theory of history at Dutch universities and institutes;
  • to raise interest in theory of history among students and younger researchers;
  • to stimulate intellectual exchange between senior and junior researchers, e.g. by discussing papers or articles on the theory of history
  • to provide a platform for reflection on the teaching of theory of history courses at Dutch universities;
  • to exchange information about symposia and conferences on the theory of history;
  • to organize inspiring lectures and workshops within the context of the Huizinga Institute;
  • to strengthen the contacts with (inter)national networks, especially with the Dutch study group Philosophy led by Ch. van den Akker, J. Bos and R. Peters, the International Network for Theory of History (INTH) and the International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography (ICHTH).


We will organize at least two meetings each year in Utrecht. Senior and junior researchers, including master and PhD students will be invited to join discussions in the meetings and / or to present papers. The working language will be Dutch or English, depending on the occasion.

The first meetings of our RNW will be devoted to exploring and discussing new trends in the field. What major new initiatives have been taken in recent years? While theory of history used to be focused on academic history writing, this is no longer the case. In what directions is the field now heading? How can we address these new trends in our theory of history courses? How does our own research relate to them?


We start on Friday April 22, 2022, in Utrecht: 15.00hrs. During this meeting, we will explain the objectives of our research network. Subsequently, Chiel van den Akker (editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Philosophy of History) will present a paper on recent challenges in the theory of history. Then we all go for a drink nearby.



Coordinating team RNW Theory of History

Prof.em.dr. Maria Grever (EUR / NL-Lab KNAW Humanities Cluster)

Prof.dr. Herman Paul (Leiden University)

Dr. Robbert-Jan Adriaansen (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Dr. Pieter Huistra (Utrecht University)


Please register in advance with Annelien Krul (Huizinga Research School):

The exact location at Utrecht University will be announced later.

Posted: 31-01-2022 | Updated: 10-01-2024