New publication: Práticas da História - Special Issue: “The History of Hayden White”

Práticas da História. Journal on Theory, Historiography and Uses of the Past has published a special issue entirely dedicated to the work of Hayden White.

Editorial – The history of Hayden White
José Neves


No historian worthy of the name is only an historian
Herman Paul

A burden that is still heavy
Fábio Franzini

White reading Giambattista Vico: the false in the true and the ironic conditions of historiographic liberty
Maria-Benedita Basto

Hayden White e o problema da narrativa
Rui Bebiano

An empirical Hayden White? On “Literary theory and historical writing”
Edoardo Tortarolo

Post-modern storytelling and fragmented narrations in the history of medicine
Paul-Arthur Tortosa

Hayden White’s modernist events
Luís Trindade

The deep content of the form: Hayden White on “Freud’s Tropology of Dreaming”
Nancy Partner

Hayden White’s anthropocentric posthumanism
Ewa Domanska

Hayden White, Ricoeur e os desafios morais da História
João Luís Lisboa

Acknowledgments, endorsements, misgivings: Hayden White in conversation with the French
Phillipe Carrard

Hayden White’s return to the past as a source of human practice
Gabrielle M. Spiegel

El Holocausto, la postmodernidad y las ansiedades textuales. Una lectura de Hayden White
Aitor Bolaños de Miguel

Posted: 23-01-2019 | Updated: 14-10-2022