CfP: Thematic dossier of the journal Tempo & Argumento

Theoretical reflections and historical narratives in the present time

Objective: to gather articles devoted to historical narratives in the present time and to their theoretical and historiographic thematization. We see that our historical horizon has required more and more attention from the humanities as a whole, especially from history. If, on the one hand, subjects such as philosophy, anthropology, literary theory, and history have their specific protocols, they have also come closer in the sense of understanding and even intervening in the contemporary world. Such intervention includes thinking of historical narratives attuned to the social, political, and cultural demands of the present time in their most varied materialities and functions. Thus, we make room for various historical narratives of the present time, as well as for reflections devoted to rather epistemological and methodological themes about these narratives. We welcome approaches to the analysis of historical narratives related to themes such as the possibility of redefining history as a subject and the historian’s role, the expansion (and rediscussion) of sources and testimonies, and reflections aimed at memory, justice, ethics, political engagement, and history teaching.

The articles must meet the standards of the journal Tempo & Argumento and they may be submitted in Portuguese, English, Spanish, or French.

For more information and guidelines for submission:

Organizers: Rogério Rosa Rodrigues (UDESC); Marcelo Rangel (UFOP)

Posted: 06-10-2017 | Updated: 14-10-2022