Opening lecture: Bielefeld Centre for Theory in Historical Studies by Chris Lorenz

History at the University of Bielefeld has been explicitely reflexive in terms of historical theory since its foundation. Not only to take a view on its own profession but also to strengthen an overview on historical studies as a whole. Was it occupied in the fields of social history and Begriffsgeschichte (history of concepts) in the first decades, historians today are working in many different fields like global history, history and comparison, modern social history, pictorial theory, history of historiography, foundations of historical learning, to mention just a few. 

To strengthen the common ground of the theoretical focus in historical studies, a Centre for Theory in Historical Studies has recently been founded. It is welcomes all kind of collaboration with the range of initiatives in the field of historical theory. It will announce an annual position of guest-professorship from 2018 onwards, the Reinhart Koselleck - Gastprofessur. And it will organize workshops and guest lectures.  

At the opening Chris Lorenz will speak on 'The Last Fetish of the Tribe. On Time and Periodization in History’. All are welcome. After talk and discussion there will be a reception.


Posted: 28-04-2017 | Updated: 14-10-2022