Semântica da história nos clássicos evolucionistas da antropologia - séc. xix e início do xx. // [Semantics of classical history in evolutionary anthropology - nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.]

The fact of the historical method has been used by early anthropologists led to agreat confusion of terms that relate History, the project of anthropology as adiscipline and the historiography have fruit in the historic culture of western earlynineteenth century. This text is intended to clarify semantics of these terms fromthe classics of anthropology and the different uses of the word history in thesedisciplines with emphasis on work Primitive Culture of E. B. Tylor. Therefore, Ioffer a counterpoint between the Victorian evolutionism and diffusionism inethnology come from the German ideas of geiteswissenchaft.
Keywords: anthropology, history, evolution, diffusionism, historicism.