Ensaio de Introdução à Filosofia da História // [Essay of Introduction to the Philosophy of History]

The objective of this assay is to make one analyzes on the Philosophy of History covering an including period of its historical development. However, the focus of our study is not to present a general and exhausting panorama of the Philosophy of History, without before pointing out a problem that it crosses, not even to develop innumerable existing teses concerning its problematic, therefore tasks of this transport would mostly extend for all chains or of them, what he would be superfluous. Our intention is more modest, in we will content them in presenting in general lines as the sprouting of the theories of history in century XIX did not eliminate for complete the Metaphysical bases that based the classic philosophies of history, for the opposite, if they had nourished of them and to leave of them they had raised its epistemologies foundations and made possible in the following century, the renaissance of the Philosophies of History with diverse variations.