El "privilegio" de la postergación. Dilemas en las nuevas historiografías as de la identidad


The Evidence of Experience

Joan Scott challenged the philosophical accounts thatsupport identity politics based on the fact that this tradition puts the razonability of the claims and the ef

ciency of this policies at risk. Multiples responses have been giv-en to this argument, but the most profound and sharpest critiques were introduced bythe Realist Post-positivist Programme. This theory, developed by Satya Mohanty andet al, tries to give an alternative consideration of the notion of

subjective experience
antiessencialist (this is the reason for his antipositivism) but the opposite to the pos-modernist deconstructive dissolution of this term (this is the reason for his realism).In this paper I analyze both positions and I will try to give a consideration on my ownin order to offer a better and more ef

cient response to identity-claims.