Omnium Annalium Monumenta: Historical Writing and Historical Evidence in Republican Rome

Introduction / Christopher Smith -- Part I. The origins of the annalistic tradition -- Fabius Pictor, ennius and the origins of Roman annalistic historiography / John Rich -- L'"archeologie" de Rome dans les annales d'ennius: poetica fabula ou annalium monumentum? / Martine Chassignet -- The discovery of Numa's writings: Roman sacral law and the early historians / Hans Beck -- Part II. Antiquarians and historians -- On the edges of history / Christopher Smith -- Diligentissumus investigator antiquitatis? "Antiquarianism" and historical evidence between Republican Rome and the early modern Republic of letters / Duncan MacRae -- Inspired leaders versus emerging nations: Varro's and Cicero's views on early Rome / Vera Binder -- Which one is the historian? A neglected problem in the study of Roman historiography / Tim Cornell -- Part III. History and oratory -- How much history did the Romans know? Historical references in Cicero's speeches to the people / Francisco Pina Polo -- Ciceronian constructions of the oratorical past / Henriette van der Blom -- Cicero, documents and the implications for history / Andrew Riggsby -- Part IV. The literary construction of history -- Livy's battle in the forum between Roman monuments and Greek literature / Dennis Pausch -- Echi dalle tragedie tebane nelle storie di Roma arcaica / Marianna Scapini -- Figures of memory. Aulus Vibenna, Valerius Publicola and Mezentius between history and legend / Massimiliano Di Fazio -- Part V. History and monuments -- Monumenta, documenta, memoria: remembering and imagining the past in late Republican Rome / Kaj Sandberg -- Visibility matters: notes on archaic monuments and collective memory in mid-Republican Rome / Gabriele Cifani -- Aedificare, res damnosissima. building and historiography in Livy, books 5-6 / Seth G. Bernard -- Memoria by multiplication: the Cornelii Scipiones in monumental memory / Karl-J. Holkeskamp -- Constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing civic memory in late Republican Rome / Penelope J.E. Davies