Vladimir López Alcañiz

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independent researcher, Barcelona
Biography and/or project

I studied History at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona and I have been visitor researcher at the Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. I hold a PhD in History dealing with the forms of historical representation in modern France. In my dissertation I focused on the criticism that the notions of history, memory and revolution received during the seventies, paying special attention to the approaches of Michel Foucault, Paul Veyne and François Furet. Then, in a genealogical way, I inquired into the role those three notions played in the works of the late nineteenth-century historians Edgar Quinet, Hippolyte Taine and Alphonse Aulard. The overall purpose was to underline the importance of the poetics of history and to lighten the heuristic value of nineteenth-century historiography for history’s theoretical reflection. I am currently interested in the enigmatic ways in which the past, as a present absence, travels with the present “as a stowaway”, to recall Eelco Runia’s felicitous words. In this respect, I have recently started a project in which I intend to examine the works of several authors, such as Ernst Bloch, Jacques Derrida or Georges Didi-Huberman, that in the twentieth century tried to deal, in their own particular way, with this mysterious presence of the past, with the anachronisms, the discordances and the layers of time, and its spectrality. Besides, I am also interested in the forms of timing time and understanding the world that “the age of history”—as Foucault called the period starting in the late eighteenth century—has imagined, with the underlying questions of whether this age has already come to an end and what this circumstance could mean for us. At present, I am an independent researcher.