Sina Steglich

Biography and/or project

Sina Steglich is research associate at the Chair of the History of Humanities at the University of Konstanz, Germany, and currently working on a project on „Nomadism and the Reflection of Modernity“. Her PhD project dealt with the history of archival times in 19th-century Europe (University of Mannheim, 2014-2018). Funded by the German National Merit Foundation and the German Historical Institutes London and Paris she carried out archival research in Cambridge, London, Oxford, Paris, and Vienna. Most recently she was Fellow at the Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz.

Her research interests include the history of time(s) as part of the history of knowledge, history of historiography, archival history as well as theory and methodology of history (especially intellectual history).


Most recent publication:

Vom Sichern der Zeit und Zeigen der Geschichte. Zum Archiv als Zeitgeber des Fin de Siècle, in: Historische Zeitschrift 305/3 (2017), S. 689-716. (in German)