Fernando Esposito

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Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
entangled/connected history
Biography and/or project

I am Assistant Professor at the Chair of Contemporary History at the University of Tübingen. My doctoral thesis analyzed the aviation discourse in Italy and Germany which I read as a blueprint for a fascist mythical modernity. I’m currently writing my Habilitation on the topos of the Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen, i.e. the contemporaneity of the noncontemporaneous and the transformation of this paradigmatic ‘modern’ chronotype in the course of a second crisis of historicism in the last third of the twentieth century. I also look into the geological metaphor underlying the Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen and into how it functioned as an essential concept of order: The Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen played a pivotal role in the Europeans' “chronocentric” discourse, in the temporal taxonomy and chronopolitical praxis they devised.