Special issues: História da Historiografia

The journal História da Historiografia (History of Historiography) invites researchers to submit proposals for Special Issues to be organized between 2019-2020. Proposals will be received until May 31st  2018.

Proposals must follow these requirements

The organization will be in charge of at least 2 and a maximum of 4 guest editors;
Proposal must include at least one researcher from foreign academic institutions;
The special issue must have at least 4 and a maximum of 9 papers;
The proposal must contain title, presentation, justification and schedule;
In the case of a special issue already assembled, the guest editors must present the authors, titles and abstracts.

Assessment criteria

The analysis and selection of the proposals will be carried out by the journal executive editors;
Proposals that present a minimum of 40% of english papers will be prioritized;
Originality of the topic in relation to previously published issues;
Relevance to the current discussions in Theory and History of Historiography;
Clarity and coherence of the proposal;
Adequacy to the journal's editorial policy.

Guest editors attributions:

Carry out wide dissemination with the support of the journal's office;
Evaluate or distribute the texts to reviewers, according to the journal guidelines;
Write an introduction that besides presenting the articles, problematize the theme chosen from a historiographic point of view;
Inform the executive editors about the progress of the special issue organization process;
It is optional for the guest editors to submit papers to the special issue.

Editorial policy of the special issues:

Proposals must be submitted through the journal's e-mail: historiadahistoriografia@hotmail.com, respecting the stipulated term;

Two special issues will be selected.


Alejandro Eujanian, UNR/Rosário, Argentina
Arthur Lima de Avila, UFRGS/RS, Brasil
Fábio Franzini, UNIFESP/SP, Brasil
Mateus Henrique Faria Pereira, UFOP/MG, Brasil
Valdei Lopes de Araujo, UFOP/MG, Brasil

Posted: 25-05-2018 | Updated: 07-03-2022