Lecture: Research Seminar in Philosophy of History

This seminar is open to all those interested in the philosophy of history, broadly construed
(including historiography, historical theory, methodology). Meetings take place five times
in the Autumn and five times in the Spring Terms, on alternate Thursdays at the IHR, in
Room N304. They start at 5.30pm and last about two hours. For further information,
contact Mark Mason (M.Mason@chi.ac.uk) or Kalle Pihlainen (kalle.pihlainen@utu.fi).

Spring Term 2018

11th January (Room N304). Claire Norton (Reader in History, St Mary’s
University, Twickenham): ‘Art, Archaeology and Architecture:
Performing and Contesting Neo-Colonial Spatialities’

25th January (Room N304). Katie Digan (Ghent University): ‘Becoming
Good Forefathers: The Anticipatory History of UNESCO World

8th February (Room N304). Patrick Finney (Reader in International History,
Aberystwyth University): ‘A Cultural History of Memory in the 20th Century:
High Culture and Popular Culture’

22nd February (Room N304). Jonas Ahlskog (Åbo Akademi University):
‘R.G. Collingwood and the Philosophy of History’

8th March (Room N304). Jaume Aurell (Professor in the Department of
History, University of Navarra): ‘What is a Classic in History?’

Posted: 22-12-2017 | Updated: 14-10-2022