Conference: Time in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Philosophy

Conference 11-12th Sept 2017, University of Durham

What is time? Is the past real? Does the present really move? These questions are debated by contemporary metaphysicians of time, and the debates are informed by work on time that occurred in the twentieth century, by philosophers such as J. M. E. McTaggart, Henri Bergson, C. D. Broad, Susan Stebbing, Martin Heidegger, Samuel Alexander, J. J. C. Smart, and Arthur Prior. Two groups of thinkers are working on these kinds of issues - contemporary metaphysics of time, and historians of time in twentieth century philosophy - and this conference will bring both groups together. The major part of the conference will allow cutting edge metaphysicians to share their work with cutting edge historians of philosophy. The minor part of the conference will explore ways that historians and philosophers of time can achieve impact beyond the academy.

The conference program will be comprised of invited speakers (philosophers and historians of time, and experts on impact) and speakers drawn from an open call for papers. Limited funding is available for speakers’ travel and accommodation.

Posted: 13-04-2017 | Updated: 14-10-2022