Workshop: The Times of History

The question of historical time(s) is at the core of theoretical debates on history. In fact, it has already played a central role in a large variety of perspectives and has created a point of convergence among the well-established approaches of Whitean narrativism, phenomenology, “end of history” theories, the postmodern “incredulity toward metanarratives,” and the investigations of Koselleck. Yet, what seems to be more important is not that half-a-century old theories converge in their shared implication of questions regarding the temporality of history, but that the question of historical time(s) is also at the forefront in newer approaches. It features equally prominently in Derridean “hauntology,” in theories of presentism as explicated by Hartog or Assmann (claiming that we are living in a time when our sole point of view is that of the present), in the discourse around the notion of “presence” as advocated by Gumbrecht or Runia), and in political theories of the self-identified Left from Ranciere to Mouffe (complaining about the lack of future visions to challenge the status quo).

In 2015 December, Bielefeld already hosted an inspiring workshop entitled Time in History / Time as History. This second installment continues the discussion with a somewhat broader focus that revolves around the more inclusive theme of The Times of History.

The workshop is open for everyone. If you would like to participate, please register by sending an email to Zoltán Boldizsár Simon:

Posted: 06-03-2017 | Updated: 14-10-2022