Cultura política e historiográfica alemã no século XIX: a Escola Histórica Prussiana e a Historische Zeitschrift. // [Political Culture and German historiography in the nineteenth century: the Prussian Historical School and the Historisch Zeitschrift.]

The constitution of the German historical science in the nineteenth centurycoincided with an unprecedented moment of the history of Germany – the processof political unification and formation of the Empire – in which historical researchwas directly or indirectly related to the emergence of nationalism and Prussianpolicy. At that time, two schools have become historical references to younghistorians: the Rankean school and the Prussian Historical Pchool. This article aimsto characterize them and discuss the formation of the 19th century Germaniccultural historiography taking the Historische Zeitschrift like reference.
Keywords: theory of history; intellectual history; german historiography;nineteenth century