Evolucionismo darwinista? Contribuições de Alfred Russel Wallace à teoria da evolução // [Darwinian evolutionism? Contributions of Alfred Russel Wallace to the theory of evolution]

Was Charles Darwin, the real author of the theory of the evolutionary process? In fact, Darwin discusses in his works, specifically the origin of natural selection, and not the origin of species. Three years earlier from the publication of Darwin's article, another naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, published a paper proposing that all living species descended from a single common ancestor. Wallace was the first to perceive that each margin of the Amazonian rivers could be inhabited by different species of monkeys. In 1858, Wallace summarized the theory of natural selection but, instead of immediately send the discovery to publication, he sent it to Darwin that, shortly after, published The Origin of Species. Therefore, this article aims to discuss which would the contributions of Wallace for evolutionary theories.

Keywords : Theory of Evolution; Natural Selection; History of Biology