The ends of history: questioning the stakes of historical reason

contents: 1.Communist Desire / Jodi Dean -- 2.Uneven Developments and the End to the History of Modernity's Social Democratic Orientation: Madison's Pro-Union Demonstrations / Paul A. Passavant -- 3.Imperial Ends / Peter Fitzpatrick -- 4.Of First and Last Men: Contract and Colonial Historicality in Foucault / Robert Nichols -- 5.A Presence of a Constant End: Contemporary Art and Popular Culture in Japan / Yoke-Sum Wong -- 6.Frank's Motel: Horizontal and Vertical in the Big Other / Mark Kingwell -- 7.Hegel and Plasticity / Catherine Kellogg -- 8.Hegel's Last Words: Mourning and Melancholia at the End of the Phenomenology / Rebecca Comay -- 9."If you could take just two books ...": Jacques Derrida at the Ends of the World with Heidegger and Robinson Crusoe / Michael Naas -- 10.What Happened? What Is Going to Happen? An Essay on the Experience of the Event / Leonard Lawlor -- 11.History Drift / Arthur Kroker