De l'icône à l'exemple historique : Le discours de commémoration de Jeanne d'Arc par Marine Le Pen // [From the icon to the historical example. The commemorative discourse of Marine Le Pen on Jeanne d'Arc]

In this paper, we analyze how the mythic figure of Joan of Arc becomes, in the speech made by Marine Le Pen on 1 May 2015, an historical example in the particular political context of 2015 year. The evocation of the heroic life of the Maid of Orleans is exploited by the leader of the Front National to build a new ethos. While maintaining an “anti-system” posture, she identifies herself with this consensual figure; she thus endeavors to arise as a credible candidate for the future presidential elections. At the same time, she contributes to legitimize her party by an operation she calls “dédiabolisation”.