The Practical Past: on the advantages and disadvantages of history for life

    Ouro Preto, Brazil

    The second conference of the International Network for Theory of History was held in Ouro Preto, Brazil. The conference was visited by over 250 people, who could attend 160 lectures given by participants and numerous keynote lectures given by leading scholars in the field, such as Hans Ruin, Sanjay Seth, Chris Lorenz, Christophe Bouton, François Doss, Guillermo Zermeño, Jeanne Marie Gagnebin and Jerome de Groot. With the organization of the conference, we hoped to unite theorists and philosophers of history from around the world, offering them a forum to contact one another and exchange ideas. We believed we succeeded in achieving this goal and we look back at what we believe was an interesting and truly inspiring conference. Would you like to relive the conference a little bit? Have a look at the beautiful pictures, taken by Larissa Pinto.

    The INTH team would like to thank all the participants and visitors of the conference, as well as the host and our partner in Ouro Preto, the Sociedade Brasileira de Teoria e História da Historiografia (SBTHH). We hope to see you again at the next conference, or at one of our other activities.

    Best wishes,

    the scientific committee,
    the Sociedade Brasileira de Teoria e História da Historiografia
    the International Network for Theory of History

    Marcelo Abreu (Federal University of Ouro Preto – UFOP), Valdei Araujo (UFOP), Julio Bentivoglio (Federal University of Espirito Santo), Pedro Caldas (Federal Univesity of Rio de Janeiro State), André de Lemos Freixo (UFOP), Helena Mollo (UFOP), Marcelo de Mello Rangel (UFOP). Luna Halabi (SBTHH secretary). Assistants: Maria Fernanda Alves (PhD candidate, UFOP), Guilherme Bianchi (Phd candidate UFOP), Gabriel Conselheiro (UFOP), Daniel Mendes da Cunha (UFOP), and Rodrigo Machado (PhD candidate, UFOP).